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Thank you for this engaging and highly educational game. Its fantastic and makes it so easy for the kids to use on their own, for a wonderful feeling of self achievement. I can't tell you how many hours my kids have spent using it, learning from it, just playing with it!! Even the rewards of their stickers are an educational exercise!! WE LOVE IT!

Kerry Levin, satisfied mom

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It was unbelievable to watch my four year old daughter just sit down and take over. I just showed her once how to move the mouse and click, and she sat behind my laptop playing Dinomites as though she'd been doing it all her life. She loves it, thanks for an awesome product.
Bruce Evans, proud dad
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No wonder you give a free demo - when the game stopped working after my 2 day trial expired, you left me no choice but to buy it just to get the kids to stop nagging. I just wish I had a second computer so they could both play at the same time.

Alex Torpano, parent

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We have a school for children with learning disabilities, and your game has provided such a sense of joy and achievement for our kids. They especially love the praise and compliments they are continually showered with.
Kim Leach, teacher at Octavia
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So much fun, my daughters love it. They laughed when we tried switching to Zulu, but now they both count to twenty in Zulu and they think they're hysterical. Congratz, you guys have hit the nail on the head.

Gavin Marx, father of two

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The children at Footsteps Preschool loved playing DinoMites and had fun whilst learning incidentally. The activities in the game are age appropriate and teach basic concepts like shapes, colours and number recognition whilst they learn computer skills and their little hands gain 'mouse' control. The stickers were a wonderful incentive. We can't wait to see what further editions there will be for the older children.
Kim Matter, principal Footsteps Preschool
young girl playing on laptop

I love your program! My kids have so much fun and its incredible how fast they learn.

Juanita van Vuuren, mom to three boys

excited boy playing on laptop
The kids don't realise they're learning and just think they're playing a game. After playing your game together as a class for just 20 minutes, almost all my kids could point out any of the numbers from 1 to 20 on the number chart, and they certainly couldn't do that before. It was amazing to see how quickly they learned to recognise and remember each number when they were having fun. The dinosaurs are soooo cool, the kids loved waiting to see what little dance and what noise each dinosaur is going to make and the end of each task. I will be recommending your product to all my colleagues.
Mandy Levy, grade R teacher
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Great for entertainment and learning skills... best of all you dont need to supervise the kids..... even I (a granny) find myself sneaking a game in now and then.

Jenny Morris, happy granny

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